For many residents, the balcony is a reprieve from the busy world, especially in a tall apartment complex. Although this region is not necessarily known for a host of insects, keeping pests away from the balcony area when enjoying the fresh air makes things more comfortable. A screened-in balcony is a practical way to enclose the space without sacrificing view or flowing air.

Balconies are a valuable extension of living space. You can grow plants on a balcony, sunbathe or barbecue. Balconies on condominiums or apartments provide a chance to get outdoors without going through a public area. The only fly in the ointment can be neighbors, either next to your balcony or across from it. Most often, the neighbors to either side infringe most on your small island of privacy. Screening off the balcony can restore your sense of solitude without blocking your view of the sky.

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